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We deliver a lady to you in the morning to your door and provide her with taxi fare to make her own way home, once she has completed the duties you require of her or a full day(±7 hours) has been worked, whichever comes first.

We handle all disciplinary and legal issues. Should you have a problem with the lady, kindly contact us at the office and it will be dealt with. Should you wish to change lady at any time, please make the arrangement with us.

Any changes, day changes, etc. are to made with us and not with the lady directly as they don’t prepare the daily schedules. It does not matter how many times you change your lady, we will persevere until you have the right one. We aim to place the right lady in your home to make your life easier. Please understand that this can sometimes take a while.

We will email you an invoice for services. Payment upfront for the month is required in advance before service commences. A statement will be sent with your last invoice for the month indicating if there are any credits for the past month and billing for the coming month, which is due and payable before your first service of the new month. One calendar months written notice is required for cancellation.

The ladies have breakfast before coming to you, all we ask is that you supply them with a couple of slices of bread and tea for lunch, if they do not bring their own.


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