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Supervised monthly cleaning

– full owner supervision :

In this instance I bring in a couple/more ladies depending on size of home, together with cleaning equipment and materials and I supervise the entire clean in the home.  

This generally takes 4 – 4.5 hours in total, commencing around 08h30 to 09h00 depending on area.

We go in once a month and give the home a good once over. We will do windows/clean out fridge inside/grocery cupboards/inside cupboards where requested/defrost freezer/move beds/move furniture/move appliances, etc every couple of visits on a rotational basis. The other general cleaning is done every service.  We don’t do washing and ironing in this case, however, should you need, an additional lady could be costed in.

Depending on the size of your home/your specific requirements and depending on how many ladies I would deem necessary, your personal quote will be sent to you.

 Often the first time I would bring in more ladies to do everything the first time and thereafter we would just maintain, so fewer ladies could be used thereafter.

The day would need to be slightly flexible as I often do other big springcleans and would need to plan my weeks accordingly.