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Hello Gail!

Just wanted to let you know that we had Nomelo (I think that’s her name) clean for 2 days. She did a fantastic job. We were very happy with her. She was really great!. My home is clean! I will definitely be using your services again.

Thanks again, Marion (December 2019)

Hi Jaques.

Thanks for an awesome job done on our carpets and mattresses.

Regards, BP (January 2019)

Dear Lauren & Gail,

WOW! Is the only thing I can think of right now. Your service was impeccable from beginning to end, right from the first email to me saying good bye to Sibongile (today).

My house looks absolutely beautiful. Sibongile went way beyond “just cleaning” and was sweet, friendly, kind and an INCREDIBLY hard worker. As an added bonus my dogs absolutely love her!! My house has never ever been this clean after a day’s work.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and please extend a massive thank you to Sibongile as well. I will absolutely recommend this service to anyone and everyone.

Thanks a lot, M  (January 2019)

Only managed to get back to my place now. You and your ladies did a fantastic job.

Thanks again! (December 2018)

Hi Gail.

Thank you SO MUCH for helping me out today. The service was fabulous and your lady was sweet, helpful and she cleaned and ironed like a superstar!

Again! Thank you 🙏🏻 for the great service.

Megan B. (December 2018)


Just want to say thank you. The house looks amazing. SJ

Thanks (September 2018)

Thanks for sending me Sandi, she is very pleasant and worked very nicely.

Have a good evening.

Herna M. (August 2018)

Morning Gail

I just thought you would like to know that your two ladies, Sarah and Nora, cleaned very nicely for me on Friday.

Kind Regards, Theo (August 2018)

Thank you very much for Sandi, she was very quick and helpful and did a few bits of brass exceptionally well. A pleasure to have her here.

(July 2018)

Hi Lauren

Thanks for your great service.

Kind Regards, Theo (April 2018)

Thank you for a lovely clean home, Gail. Xxxxx

Claire (March 2018)

Good morning

Please thank Gail and the team for my sparkly clean house on Monday.


Alda (March 2018)

Good to see that we have people left in this country that can make use of opportunities and build a future for themselves and their families.

Jeanne (December 2017)

Thanks Gail - and your lovely Team.

So grateful for you.

Dave ‘n Ash ‘n Adam (December 2017)

Good morning :-)

After a whole bunch of quotes, it is apparent that you guys are the most professional and the most affordable. 

I accept your quote, thanks.

Regards MdR  (January 2017)

Dear Gail,

Thanks for responding so soon.  

You provide the best service ever and made a huge difference in our lives.  We truly appreciate.  

Andri & Marie  (December 2016)

You have no idea how much you have changed my life in the positive.

Always grateful.

A [and crazy messy family]  (December 2016)

Hi Gail!

To know that your business is growing gives me tremendous pleasure, as from my experience you deserve all the success.

Thank you, Luisa (November 2016)

Hi Gail,

Thank you so much!!!! It is going to be great to walk in and everything is clean. Will defintely arrange another spring clean after we left. Brilliant idea!!

Kind Regards, 

Alta (November 2016)

Gail, thanks again for your excellent and professional services on Tuesday!

We really appreciate. Also thanks for bringing my mom the roses. She was so chuffed.

Andri (November 2016)

Hi Gail

I just came home from work. It has been a crazy few weeks.

Our home smells clean and fresh.

We are really impressed with your service.

Tx so much.  (October 2016)

Hello Gail,

I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for Prisca. My home is so clean, I had to stop for a second and wonder if I'm REQUIRED to take off all my clothes and leave them at the door upon entry. Because surely, in a place this clean my clothes will be deemed unacceptably dirty (and I had been at the office the whole day).

My light switch panels haven't been this white since the day they came out of their plastic wrapping - I didn't have to tell her to do that. 

I love that although we lightly discussed what I needed done, she intuitively moved about - waving her wand -wiping window sills, finding space for luggage..etc...etc....

Everything is clean AND in place. My house is so clean, I don't want any visitors - boyfriend included. Thank you ever so much. Prisca is an angel. Or perhaps a fairy :-)

Best regards,

Makhosi (August 2016)

Hi Gail,

Just returned from England. I am so so so delighted with your wonderful

Service! Thank you so much. What a dream - I never knew my house could

look so lovely.

Sincerely, I hope your business makes you a fortune - what you have to offer

is just so valuable.   I feel like you have changed my whole lifestyle !

Chat soon,


Ashley  (July 2016)

Hi Gail,

Thanks so much for the wonderful service.

Best wishes

Theresa (July 2016)

Thank you so much!

Yolande was blown away and loved the way your team cleaned!

Thank you ever so much! (June 2016)

Many thanks and kind regards, Christine (May 2016)

Thanks so much! She is great!!

Siegie (March 2016)

They were great! thanks a mill. 

Have a lovely day.


Anthy (March 2016)

Thank you for a lovely clean home Gail! 

Coleen (March 2016)

I would just like to compliment Maria for the excellent service that she gave on Saturday. She was incredibly thorough and did a fantastic job.


Warm regards, Siegie (February 2016)

From Roodepoort community facebook group page :

Yeah, I got great service in December!

Anja Van Der Walt (February 2016)

Just been through the house now, awesome job! I'll be sure to pass your information on.

Thanks, Paul (February 2016)

I think yr service is wonderful. Thanks! !

Claire (February 2016)

Thank you for a lovely service.

Marietjie (February 2016)

Thanks Gail

Didn't want to miss out on Maria she is very pleasant and hard working.

Best regards,  Ariane (January 2016)

Dear Gail

Congratulations and thank you for the excellent work done on my carpets. I am delighted by your prompt, effective and efficient service and will most definitely share  your info with all I know.


Anna-Marie (January 2016)

Hi guys,

Just want to say how much I appreciate your service delivery 😊  .. I would give you a 5 star rating.

Couches look magic  .. thanks Steve. 

Wish you a blessed Christmas with your family .. good rest and refreshing. 

Kind regards, 

Julian (December 2015)

Dear Gail

I just wanted to let you know that Cynthia is doing a really fantastic job at our school. She is lovely, calm and really takes initiative. I think we will be quite sad when our three weeks come to an end!

Thank you for providing such a valuable service!

Renate Alberts

Principal (October 2015)

Hi Gail

The ladies worked very hard, our house looks great. Thank you :)

Kind Regards,

Abigail (September 2015)

Thank you to you and your team. Nancy was very happy with the service.

Wishing all the best in your business.


Meriam (September 2015)

Thanks to you and your team for doing an excellent job on the cleaning of our unit. Much appreciated.

Thanks and regards

Lilanie Kruger (August 2015)

Hi Gail

100% thanks so much gail. Always a pleasure doing business with you xxx

Leslie (July 2015)


Thanks for the cleanup yesterday, it’s a really great job. I would definitely recommend your service!

Gibran (July 2015)

Dear Gail,

We are delighted at the end result. Worth every penny!

Owner supervision makes all the difference. Thank you to you and Steven both.

I will gladly recommend your company to anybody, anytime!!!!!

My best.

Faul la Grange (July 2015)

Hi Gail,

Thank you so much,  I have never experienced a carpet cleaning company that does such a good job.  Thank you,  we will use you going forward.

Kind regards,

Lucille Kietzmann (May 2015)


Just to let you know that the 2 Ladies that came to me on Wednesday were awesome.  They were very thorough with their cleaning.  

A job well done.

Thank you.

Denice (May 2015)

Hi Gail

I won't be requiring any cleaning services between Xmas and New Year. I would however like to commend the two ladies you sent last week - Beauty and .... I'm ashamed to say I can't remember the other lady's name (perhaps Lucia??). They were fantastic!

Please pass on my thanks to them both.

Have a great week.


Tracey Webster (March 2015)

Your lady is almost finished with our office...but I will get Sean to give you a ring when she is finally done.

Once again our offices look and smell fabulous.  Buhle has done a great job.....very thorough!

Attached is your payment advice.


Noela (February 2015)

Hi Gail,

Just a thank-you for Winifred - I am happy to have Lucia back but am

very sorry to lose Winifred!! She is special.

Warm regards

Kate (February 2015)

Thank you for such prompt and pleasant service :)

Your service shall be highly recommended!

Leonard (January 2015)

Right back at you and your team Gail.

Such good service deserve loyalty. So thank YOU.

Di King (December 2014)

Hi Gail

Loveness is just about to do the ironing and then she’s done – just wanted to compliment you on her, she’s done a really great job – very thorough, and she’s such a sweet girl. Thank you for assisting me at such short notice, I contacted about 6 companies such as yourself and you were the only one who was willing to make a plan.

I am highly impressed – thanks again!

Warm Regards


Kelly Pearce (December 2014)

Hi Gail

Just a heartfelt thank you to your whole team for such a clean place now.

Steven did wonders with the carpets as well.

Next Wednesday I will collect any one of your ladies that may be available. They are all very good. May I collect her at 08h00.

Thank you

Anja (November 2014)

Hi there,

Just wanted to say Cynthia was lovely, thank you!

Belinda (July 2014)

Thank you for your services. Just to let you know that I have been very satisfied with the ladies that have been working here.


Last month it was Busi and Sheila, they were very friendly and efficient, as well as Sisa and Rebecca today.


I would be very happy to utilise Sisa and Rebecca’s services again next month if they are available.

Denise (March 2014)


Many thanks for sending Mangi today... She was a delight to have in the office and did a great job!

Many thanks

Noela (March 2014)


Thought I would pop you an email to say thank you so very much for the excellent clean that the team did on Thursday. After 8 months of building we could not face another day of dust and "crunchy floors"! Your staff were a delight to have in the house, polite, courteous and efficient. So we will be regular customers! Thanks again and please pass on my thanks to the ladies.

Grania (January 2014)


I also must mention how well Fatima cleaned my house. She was thorough, she asked questions if she didnt know anything and everything was done so neatly. 

It was a pleasure having her at my house.


Alisha (September 2013)


Also, just to inform you that the ladies that worked for me last Thursday were great - very thorough and friendly. It is a pleasure to always have such happy and honest ladies - thank you.


Denise (April 2013)

Hello there.

Thank you so much for the work done on our house, its awesome! Please forward my thank yous to your ladies and gentleman. Work very well done. I will definitely use your services again.

Regards Marina (January 2012)

Good morning

I would like to thank you for sending Loveness yesterday.

She was very professional and thorough and a pleasure to work with.

Looking forward to many more sessions with her.


Pam (Mar 2021)

Hi Gail,

I just want to extend my sincere gratitude for the unbelievable job you did at my house today. There are things I have not been able to get clean at all since moving in which you managed to make disappear.

It was so wonderful to come home to an exceptionally clean house and I really do appreciate all the effort you went through.

I will definitely make use of your services again in the future.

Ax (Nov 2020)

You’re right. Bongane was “delicious”, starting with her wide smile, sunshine personality and then her work. She is welcome back anytime. Thank you.

LM (Sep 2020)

Hi Gail.

Thank you so much for sending me V to help me yesterday. She is very sweet and completed the work she was given to do very well. Friendly, willing, and happy to work makes such a difference. Always overwhelming on the first day, I know, but she handles it very well.

CS (Sep 2020)


Just want to let you know than Bongi is a good find for me. She works hard, most pleasant and makes thinks more easy for me.

JH (Sep 2020)

Hi Gail

Just wanted to let you know that we are extremely happy with Loveness here at the office – its going very well.


Good morning.

Thank you for sending Sibongile. She is heaven sent.

RM  (June 2020)

Hi Gail.

Great ladies today. Worked beautifully and very pleasant.

Thanks, CB xxx (January 2020)

Thanks so much for a great service.

Linda  (July 2020)

Thanks so much Gail.  You have a brilliant team!

So glad I found you!

LH  (July 2020)